Property Management

Maximize the return on your investment with our property management software. Monitor business and property expenses. Track budgets, rent, vendor payments and more using the reports system. Our mobile portal allows you to manage maintenance requests, payments and more.

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Product details

Property Management

Lease Management
  • Property Database
  • Tenant Portal
  • Tenant Database
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Document storage
  • Lease Expiry Tracking & Alerts
  • Maintenance request tracking
  • Move In, Move Out, & Inspections
  • Rental listings
  • Rental tracking
  • Revenue
  • Email alerts
  • Available in IOS application
Property Management

    Improved Performance
  • Gain a complete overview of your entire portfolio; system will figure out which of your properties could be performing better and why.
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Reduce the need for more manpower with more accurate spreadsheet reports; sophisticated debt control and reporting functionality enable you to collect payments quickly and accurately.
  • Greater Automation
  • Efficiently structured and automated business processes reduce manual workloads.
Property Management

    Making Informed Business Decisions
  • Improved intelligence offered by our data-driven reporting functionality means that you act in the best interest of your business; ensure the leases you issue are optimized for your bottom line.
  • Access from Anywhere
  • Second generation web design allows you to access all features from anywhere in the world, anytime.
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Ensure that the teams managing your property portfolio are structured in line with work demands. Implement the best practices of approval processes for your business and gain a total vision of tasks.
Property Management

    Become More Environmentally-friendly
  • Advance insight into energy consumption across your portfolio; work with your tenants to make improvements where possible.
  • Greater Transparency
  • Our software assists audit compliance and enables you to demonstrate accountability and transparency across your business in line with international standards.
  • Build Stronger Relationships
  • Improve tenant relationships by providing them with data-driven business intelligence and both payment and self-service portals that will improve their overall performance.
Property Management

    Guaranteed Flexibility
  • Our solutions are tailor-made to manage all types of leases (for both individuals & companies) from those featuring the simplest structures all the way to the most complex ones. Deliver better customer service and ensure customers have the information that they want when they want it.
  • Link the Software to Your Website
  • While our solutions are fully featured, you can link the software with your website to publish properties and units live for marketing.
Real Estate CRM

It tracks all activities of the potential tenants and buyers from initial inquiry, calls, viewing till booking, and contract creation.

Efficiently manage your contacts, including landlords, sellers, buyers and tenants all in one place. Track and follow-up on any previous conversations with your contacts and get in touch with them using email and text messaging features.

Real Estate CRM
  • Lead Management
  • Contact Management
  • Sales & Rental Listings
  • Viewings
  • Bookings
  • Dashboard
  • Integration with Websites
  • To-Do lists
  • Role access settings
  • Calendar
Property Sales

  • The system provides the property and unit creation based on set sales criteria.
  • Pre-defined construction stages will help the user monitor and track the status of properties under construction.
  • Keep track of contracts, payments and collections through the system.
  • Notification alerts will keep the user updated for fast decision making and monitoring of current changes.
  • Creation of sales contracts, processing of documents and following- up on payments are made easy with the system’s smart tracking features.
Maintenance Management

  • WallPost Software provides a flawless process to manage maintenance requests from tenants through tenant portal mobile application.
  • Property managers, maintenance managers, technicians and tenants are connected through the application to resolve the issues efficiently without any delay.
  • Notification alerts are sent to tenants at every stage of handling maintenance requests till the problem gets resolved.
Accounting and Finance

WallPost Software’s complete accounting system enables you to track every aspect of your business’ finances— whether you manage a single property or multiple properties. Gain complete control over your accounting data from contract creation till auto-scheduled revenue posting and auto collection of rental payments. This is truly all-in-one solution for your accounting and property management needs.

  • Never lose money due to non-posting again! It happens to all of us, but there is no need to worry about losing money anymore. Now you can automatically calculate and post prorated rents for move-ins and move-outs, commission income, and security deposits. Your rental properties will be making more money with less effort.
  • Tenants can be automatically emailed for rental payment confirmation and auto-receipt generation.
  • Notification alerts for due invoices, reminders for overdue payments and cheque bounces to accounting department & tenants.
  • Monitoring profitability for each property and unit.
  • Manage post dated rental cheques easily to update the stages in the collection tracker – PDC, deposited, return, re-deposit, bounced, and cleared with date & time.
  • Advanced financial reporting to monitor the performance of all properties and units.
Tenant Portal and account

Tenant Portal
  • WallPost provides easy access for tenants to interact with property manager for leasing and maintenance through mobile application.
  • Tenants have access to check Move in & Move out checklists.
  • App contains lease information, signed contracts, payment status updates & maintenance requests.
  • Monitoring profitability for each property and unit.
  • We welcome tenants’ feedback for continuous improvement and enhancement in order to provide better services.
Tenant Account
  • Tenants can conveniently manage their WallPost accounts directly from their smartphone or tablet.
  • Tenants have access to check Move in & Move out checklists.
  • Plumbing, Electricity and Carpentry The property manager receives a notification of any issues reported by the tenant, The problem will then be escalated to the maintenance manager to fix the reported issue.
  • Duration, terms, conditions, etc… Tenants can view all the details of their lease contract.
  • Tenants can track their past payments and check when the next payment falls due.