Smart Management IT Solutions is based in USA with branches and partnerships in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, our company innovates businesses and challenges the need for less complicated software and smart decision-making.

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The software offered by Smart Management is able to handle a wide variety of IT solutions. Our goal is to be an agent of change by deploying WallPost Software to create a competitive edge for our client’s firms. Each product is developed with the same ultimate goal in mind – “the smart choice”. Our products will ultimately help you to formulate smart business decisions.
Smart Management is trusted for professionalism, affordability, and high standards for client reliability. Our IT solutions will be made available in the language of your choice in order to generate positive results for your business. We are known for consistently striving to deliver highly efficient, high quality, and easy-to-use software solutions for medium and small businesses.


Our professionals will help you with any needs you may have.

Fully Customizable

Fully customizable software, where the theme and flow can be modified on request. WallPost is completely customizable.

Responsive Software

WallPost is responsive software built to meet the challenges of performing consistently on smart devices. Our UI developers bring beautiful software experience to life using innovative and cutting-edge technology.


Free Updates

Our company is proud to be moving forward constantly. We develop the tools and the insight you need to make necessary, effective decisions in your businesses and elsewhere. The solutions we provide will be smart today and even smarter tomorrow.

Friendly Support

Smart Management has efficient, prompt, and dedicated customer service that caters to clients’ needs. We ensure that all our clients’ concerns are adequately addressed and solved.


I give great credit to the creators of WallPost, because they took into consideration the hurdles business people may face. I can now easily generate sales reports, view the progress of my finances on a weekly basis, receive flags via email, and check how the employees are doing remotely. What is much more amazing, I have an accurate view of the progress data of my company ahead of my morning coffee? This software is amazing.

President - Founder Cali'Fun LLC, Los Angeles, CA, USA

The smart phone access to wallpost is an amazing feature and allows time-stretched professionals like me to quickly check the productivity levels at any time of my choosing. We are able to quickly take corrective measures with the insights provided by this amazing tool.

M. Ditta
Managing Director,U Shop Tax Free, UK

WallPost has provided our management team with a wonderful platform tool that has helped to reveal hidden operational inefficiencies for our accounts department, as well as providing us with timely field sales reports that have assisted management to increase our sales productivity.We’re now able to track and monitor our business in a simple and easy manner like never before.

Charles Diab
Group CEO,Smartax Network, UK

The Operations have always been subject to problems we did not know how to solve. Our reports were full of errors, our projects were many, making their development hard to track and manage. With the ability to now receive alerts via my email about the projects,and the wonderful ability to now monitor my employees through my smart-phone, I must say that WallPost could help many companies make their process smarter and faster.

Thierry Morano Foures
CEO – Tune2pay Solutions ,France

Managing a group of companies with different business natures requires huge efforts, accurate information, reports, meetings, and lots of time to give the appropriate decisions and direction to my Managers. I could not find any other software that has the capability to think for an organization and make recommendations, comments, and give guidance to my managers. WallPost amazed me when I saw how its well-crafted features made the most of the processes in the Company quite easy and enjoyable. Indeed “ Work Smart, Work Fast.

Mohammed Saadeh
Group CEO,VisionV Holding, Qatar